Rain’s World #4 – Teenage Kicks

Teenage Kicks drop by for the 4th episode of Rain’s World… and they brought their own board game! It’s called “Shitty Future,” and it’s about being in a band. Pessimistic? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. Will you end up being a famous rock star, or dying at your job at the box factory? Only time will tell.

For more from Teenage Kicks – check out their site: http://teenagekicksteenagekicks.com


Just Do It For Me

My sister, Anne Douris, happens to be a fantastic animator and storyteller. I wouldn’t usually use my blog for family promotion, but this is worth it.

She made a video called Unwind. 

Unwind from Anne Douris on Vimeo.

It’s currently in the running to be played on PBS. If you watch it and you like it, please take the time to vote for it. 

Seriously, you’d like her. She’s really nice. Help a girl out.

Here’s the voting link: http://www.thirteen.org/sites/reel13/category/vote/

Thank you. I love you.


Seriously, I am. I’ve been missing in action, big time. Haven’t had internet in 48 hours and my phone is still offline so I can’t update from the van, only when we get to a hotel… IF they have wireless.

Who know unlocking a phone would be such an ordeal? I didn’t. But, on the bright side, I’ve gotten to see several of America’s fine shopping centres. I think I’ve spent at least 5 hours in malls in the last couple days just trying to get my phone working. At least they have good food courts!

We’re about to pile in the van and head from Kansas City to Denver. It’s gonna be a long drive and apparently I’m going to have driving duty at some point. I’ve never driven the van. It’s a beast. I’m afraid. I’ll make sure someone takes video.

In the meantime, this is my usual view in the van, from the back seat (which happens to also be the best seat for napping).

And here’s a shot from their show in Welland on the weekend. It was at a pizza place/bar called the Rex Hotel. It reminded me of my grandpa’s house but with really good pizza, tons of booze and rad people. And also, Hollerado playing live with Topanga and the Snips.

And here’s what I get to come home to every night:

Jake and Dean in something "more comfortable"

Jake and Nick in the photo I think they should put on their Christmas card this year

I know, I know, you’re jealous. But just try to remember… beer + boys + hours and hours together in enclosed spaces = I kind of wish I brought a clothespin. For my nose.

And now, TO DENVER!

First Stop: Buffalo

My touring adventure with Hollerado has begun! We’re in Buffalo, after being held up at the border for a little while by a REALLY NICE GUY WHO WAS REALLY NICE. On an unrelated note, what’s the best way to communicate sarcasm on the internet?

Everyone talks a lot of shit about Buffalo, but it’s actually a pretty rad place… except that we’ve hardly seen ANY people. Had some of the best French Onion soup I’ve ever tasted at this place called Gabriel’s Gate for lunch, and then headed over to check out the venue. It’s called the Town Ballroom, and Hollerado and Wildlife are playing with the Arkells. It should be a messy, Canadian night. Especially because we stopped at the Duty Free on the way here. You can never have too many litres of whiskey! AM I RIGHT?

Now that we’re in the States, I’m gonna start posting photos and videos. You’ve been warned.

Cookies Are Hard

I had my pal Brent from The Junction over today to bake some cookies on camera. A little Valentine’s Day cooking show, you know?

Anyway… after some unfortunate errors, a phone call to my mom and a second chance, we ended up with actual cookies.

Video coming soon! In the meantime, CLICK HERE to enjoy The Junction’s newest tune, “Waves.”

Rain’s World is Going On Tour with Hollerado!

This Thursday, I’m heading out on an adventure! I’m going on tour with Hollerado- we’re going to be driving across the U.S.A. to San Francisco and L.A., stopping in a bunch of cities along the way. I’ll be helping them out, selling merch, shooting confetti cannons and shooting video for this blog.

imagine spending 3 weeks in a van with these dudes

Now, I’ve never been “on tour” before, and I’m gonna be gone for a few weeks- so here’s what I’m asking you for:

1) MUST-HAVE things to pack for the road. Ever been on a long road trip? Is there something you think I won’t be able to live without?

2) SONGS for the road! We’re gonna make mix CDs! What should go on them? Your favourite road trip tunes.

3) Any other advice for life on the road… with four dudes.

Leave your ideas in the comments!

Oh, and by the way, if you need a refresher- this is their Juno-nominated video for their song “Good Day At the Races.” Ostrich racing, anyone?