Altitude + Alcohol = Altihol… or Alcotude?

Denver, Colorado, is a mile above sea-level. That’s important to the story. Also, Hollerado rhymes with Colorado. That’s good, too.

ANYWHOO, Hollerado played at a sweet venue there called the Hi-Dive. It was dark, but I tried my best to get a picture.

Either way, by the time Hollerado and I arrived at our hotel in Denver after their show, most of us (minus Menno, who was driving) were feeling the effects of either altitude, alcohol, or both. See below for video evidence.

But, not even an altiholitude hangover could stop us from visiting the world’s largest liquor store the next day (seriously, it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records), it’s called Daveco Liquors and it’s basically a Wal-Mart for booze.

Dean explores the various spirits

I bought THIS:

Yes, that’s right. Whipahol. Which brings us to a new word, “Whipaholitude.” Try using it in a sentence.

Next, off to Salt Lake City… but lo! Danger awaits!

To be continued…


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