John Denver Is Not Actually Full Of Shit

Hollerado and I left Denver with the intention of hitting Salt Lake City by nighttime. See, Menno and I really wanted to take a look at the Mormon Temple there, because… well… you know. Mormons. They’re crazy.

But our plans were foiled by the weather in Wyoming. Snow! High wind warnings! Winding mountain roads! Possibly large monsters we couldn’t see but definitely may have been out there somewhere!*

(*Note: I slept through all of this.)

Nick saved us from swerving off the highway into snowy scary doom by driving like a champ, but we decided to stop early for safety’s sake. We stayed at a motel in Wyoming. Things got cuddly.

But, we had pulled up in the dark and had no idea what our surroundings looked like… until we woke up the next morning and saw THIS:

the beautiful Wyoming Coachman Inn

I got excited

And if you thought it couldn’t get more beautiful than the Coachman Inn, you were wrong. We left for Utah, and this is what we saw…

Turns out John Denver was not, in fact, full of shit. 

Next stop: UTAH. Home of Mormons, a Whole Foods, and lots… and LOTS… of salt. Also… Dean loses something important. Stay tuned to find out what!


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