The Saltiest Day of My Life

I know, I know. You’ve been sitting at your computer refreshing my blog for three days waiting to find out what Dean lost.

Well, the WAIT IS OVER!

We all hopped in the Hollerado van in Wyoming and started on our way to Salt Lake City, Utah. Much like the Mormons once did when they were escaping persecution in the 1800s. Only with far fewer wives. And with a lot more alcohol in tow. And there are some other major differences, too. Okay. Mostly there are differences, but we WERE going West. So, there’s that.

We hit up a Whole Foods on our way – which was exciting for me, because they have a lot of free samples. Even more exciting? Seeing the Mormon Temple! So big! So white! So… TEMPLE-y!

whoa dude

But as big and white as that temple was, it was nowhere near as big and white as the salt flats that you drive through once you leave Salt Lake City. It was the perfect place to take some band photos.

And this… THIS…is where Dean lost his glasses. On the biggest, flattest expanse of white that any of us have ever seen. In the one place where you’d think it would be difficult to lose ANYTHING. A pair of black framed glasses are sitting out there, still, lonely and sad and salty. Also, Dean is now blind.

We think it probably happened during this:

or this…

Dean was kind of bummed out after, but in the immortal words of Homer Simpson: “He probably misses his old glasses.”

Bonus discovery:
 Menno can fly!

Menno can also play roulette really well, despite it being a game of chance. Learn more in the next installment… when we go to Reno!


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