WIN STUFF! Tell Me Your Favourite Summer Jam!

As you may or may not know, I live in a basement. Which isn’t altogether the worst thing, but when the weather is as nice as it has been the last week or so, I get a pretty severe case of DECK ENVY. Ohhhh, to relax in a patio chair, with a beer in hand, listening to some sweet jams on my boombox. Do the kids still say that? Boombox? Sweet Jams? Patio Chair?

Raina on a Deck

*Artist’s Conception

Unfortunately, I don’t have a deck. Not yet, anyway. But I do have a patio chair in my apartment. (It’s covered with a blanket. I’m pretty sure no one can tell.) And I do have beer, and I can listen to sweet jams.

So, the question I pose to you, dear reader and obviously very cool person, what’s your favourite summer song? What tune would we be listening to if you were here hanging out in the patio chair? (That’s right, I’d even let you sit in the patio chair and I only have one. That’s how much I like you.)

Here’s what I want you to do. Go to the Rain’s World Facebook page and tell me what song gets your summer juices flowing. 

The best answer (ie: the most summer-y song, that will get added to my Summer Jams Playlist) will WIN a Steam Whistle prize pack, which includes TWO tickets to the Steam Whistle UNSIGNED Show on June 1st! 

You’ll get to check out The Wilderness of Manitoba, Amos the Transparent and! If you’re not full of summer vibes yet – this should do it! Here are the deets:

Click on this to go to the Steam Whistle event page!

Now go! Hit up the Rain’s World Facebook Page – just click on this link! Yes! Just click on it! I made it nice and long so you really can’t miss it! See, still going! This link! This one right here!

I’ll announce the winner on Monday, May 28th!


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