The Pack A.D. and Raina

The Pack A.D.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like ham, this might not be your kind of awesome-video-with-totally-rad-women-from-a-great-band.

Maya and Becky of The Pack A.D. come by to play a game of Rad Libs. Yes, Rad Libs. (Not affiliated with Mad Libs.)

Even better than their love of ham? Their music:

Oh, so good.

Catch them live at Edgefest on July 14th at Downsview Park! And check them out at thepackad.com.


Lonesome George

Lonesome George was the last Pinta Giant Tortoise. Ever. He lived on the Galapagos Islands.

Lonesome George

This is Lonesome George

He died yesterday, after living for 30 years as the only individual surviving member of his species. He was estimated to be around 100 years old.

Coincidentally, Toronto band Hollerado had written a song about him for their as-yet unreleased album. Instead of waiting for the album, they decided to release the song, appropriately entitled “Lonesome George,” today, in tribute to the giant tortoise, who had become an icon for wildlife conservation. I’ll warn you now: it’s a tear-jerker. 

Now, make sure you have some Kleenex, and give it a listen.

Wayne Coyne’s Pre-Game Show

I finally have my computer back! It’s fixed, with a shiny new power supply. And more posts are forthcoming, I promise… but first, to celebrate, here is a video I took from sidestage at the Flaming Lips show at NXNE last weekend.

It’s Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne warming up his twirling arm before the show. You can hear us talking in the background. There’s a reason we’re so giggly – which I will explain in full later this week when I write about how incredible that show was.

In the meantime, feel the good feelings:

Check back soon for interviews from the Pack AD, Boxer the Horse, Reversing Falls, Parlovr and MORE… 


Brendan Canning (of Broken Social Scene, Cookie Duster and Generally-Being-An-All-Around-Awesome-Dude fame) dropped by the apartment right before NXNE 2012 to talk about the NXNE Record Fair, who he’s going to see at the festival, and how you’re probably saying NXNE all wrong.

Oh, and we make a very practical record-related craft together.

You can catch Brendan’s DJ set at the NXNE Record Fair, which is happening Saturday, June 16th from 10am – 4pm. For all the info you need about NXNE go to NXNE.com.

Also, make sure you check out Brendan’s new project, Cookie Duster. They’ve released this video for their song “Two Feet Stand Up,” and it’s perfect if you’re looking for a poppy, fun song to dance to this summer.

Stay tuned to Rain’s World this week for more NXNE coverage! I’ll be telling you what I think you’ve gotta see and hear during this year’s festival.

I’ve Been Missing!

Dear readers/viewers/friends/lovers – 

I apologize for my recent absence. My computer is having some issues and I haven’t been able to edit or spend much time on my blog in the last week or so. I’m typing this on a friend’s computer, but I wanted to let you know that I haven’t disappeared and I still care about you. 

NXNE is coming up and I’m busy getting ready for that! We’ve got a few interviews in the works! It should be fun. 

Who are you looking forward to seeing?