The Dirty Nil: Free Music For Sticky Hot Summer Drunk Sex

It’s hot. It’s sticky. It’s the dog-days of summer, as they say, and it’s exactly the right time for this mixtape from The Dirty Nil.

The Dirty Nil Summer Mix-Tape

They make dirty, fun rock for dirty, fun people. Do you like getting drunk? This is really good music for that. Here, just listen:

So, download the mixtape here – it’s available for free download until September 24th and then, they say, “will be gone forever.” (No, really, that’s what it says on THEIR BANDCAMP.)

If you’re not convinced, here’s the video for their song, “Fuckin’ Up Young,” which can be found on that mixtape:

It’s like someone took the Black Lips and then injected them with 90s alternative rock, gave them a couple 40s of OE and turned the volume up to 1,000,000.

And I have no problem with that.



Boxer the Horse

Image Borrowed from Boxer the Horse’s Website

Andrew and Christian of Boxer the Horse came all the way from P.E.I. to play a rousing game of Pictionary/Real-Life Draw Something with me. 

Turns out they’re not just talented musicians – they also are really good at drawing safe injection sites.

And now, if that didn’t prove to you that these guys rule, please see Exhibit B: their music video for their song “Rattle Your Cage.” It follows the old adage, “If life gives you a tarp, make it into giant waves so you can pretend to surf in a parking lot.”

So, if you’re fans of music that sounds like summertime and smelling the ocean and days that are cloudy but cheerful, go check out more of their tunes at their Bandcamp HERE. And while you’re there, why not buy their vinyl? It’s a new thing the kids are doing!

NEW ALBUM ALERT: Bravestation

Bravestation Giants & Dreamers

The first time I heard Bravestation was a couple years ago when they had just released their 2010 E.P. Their music caught me right away.

My exact quote on the subject: “If New Wave had started out in the Canadian wilderness, the result would probably resemble this Toronto-based band’s dreamy, complex sound.” I mean, just listen to this track, “White Wolves”, from 2010:

Bravestation is back, this time with a full-length called Giants & Dreamers, and boy, is it appropriately titled. It’s big, soaring, and- forgive the redundancy- dreamy.

From the new album, here’s “Signs of the Civilized.” I hope you’re ready to get a little dark while dancing in the forest.

You can buy Giants & Dreamers starting today on their Bandcamp or on iTunes. Go! Do it! Do it now!