Finding Music In The Last Frontier (or, “Music + the Internet = <3")


The Future Is Nigh!


Exciting news everyone! I’m part of the blogger/music expert/computer keyboard plinky-plonky person panel for AUX and LCBO’s Whisky Rocks Showdown. Every week I’ll be blogging about musical things, and cross-posting the entries here! And hey – if you’re in a band you can enter the Whisky Rocks contest for a chance to open for The Trews and win a whole slew of cool stuff!


You may or may not know how much I love the internet. If you’ve spent any time with me IRL (that means “in real life,” if you’re new), and ESPECIALLY if we’ve had a drink or two together, you have likely been the recipient on my long, rambling speech about the virtues of the internet.  (Don’t I sound like a fun date? The answer is yes.)

You see, I think the Internet is humankind’s greatest invention. It allows news to travel at unheard of speeds! It gives a sense of community to loners and misfits! It lets me see you what you looked like covered in flour and passed out on your university residence floor back in first year! It’s the closest thing we have to the Wild West – a great, unexplored frontier full of mystery, danger and wonder!

And, one of the best things of all – it allows us to share music in a way we never have before! While word-of-mouth is still the most trusted way to find music for most people, the idea of “word-of-mouth” no longer necessarily means your friend sitting you down and playing you a physical record (although, it definitely can be). It’s evolved. Now, word-of-mouth can be a recommendation from your favourite blog, a tweet from someone you follow on twitter saying how great a band is, or a video that someone posts on their Facebook wall.

The sheer amount of music available online can be overwhelming. It’s been said many times before this – but we live in an age where anyone with a microphone and a computer can make music and get it out there. Which is amazing and all kinds of awesome, but is also why social media helps. It lets us connect with friends and sources we trust, and helps us cut out the clutter. Blogs and websites hold new music up for us to hear, but since you almost need a “Music Blog Discovery Blog” with the number of music blogs that exist now, it helps to have social media to help point you in the right direction. Not to say you have to go only in the direction you’re pointed – that’s the beauty of the internet! You can follow links and go down internet wormholes and find music you never thought could exist!

Another bonus of online music discovery? When you find music online, you can take your time, listen to it at your own pace, as many times as you like. Mmmm. Relaxing.

Quick note, though: there is NO substitute for live music. Online might be where I find my music – but live is where I fall in love with it. We’ll talk more about falling in love with live music later on in the series.

To enter the Whisky Rocks Showdown Competition, upload your original music demo to
the Whisky Rocks Showdown Competition at between September
17 at 10:15 a.m. EST and October 9 at 4:15 p.m. EST. The LCBO will review
each entry and if it meets all guidelines and requirements, the song will be posted
on where friends, family, and the general public can vote between
October 12 at 10:15 a.m. EST and October 25 at 4:15 p.m. EST. The top 3 finalists
with the most votes will win a slot to open for The Trews on November 8th in Barrie, ON,
where a panel of judges and the Trews will then select one winner. The winners will be
announced at on November 9th.

Tickets to the Trews show and Whisky tasting cost $25 and are available online
at, by phone at 1-866-943-8849, at ticket outlets, or at the
door. A portion of the evening’s proceeds will benefit Dixon Hall, a United Way member
agency and its Music School program, which provides youth with music instruction and
opportunities to attend music camps across Ontario.

Concertgoers must be 19 years of age or older and valid ID is required.

For full rules and regulations for the Whisky Rocks Showdown Competition, visit


Win a Steam Whistle Unsigned 23 Prize Pack!

Well, you know what guys? Summer’s pretty much over. As the French say, quel bummér. But wait! There’s one more fun thing you can do before it’s over!

Steam Whistle Brewery is presenting Unsigned 23 – featuring Odonis Odonis, Indian Handcrafts and Young Mother – on September 21st! That’s the day before the Fall Equinox! Technically still summer!

Steam Whistle Unsigned 23

And even better news? I have a Steam Whistle prize pack to give away for it – and it includes (among other glorious things) free admission for Unsigned 23! All YOU need to do is convince me that your summer wasn’t quite good enough. How much do you NEED one more crazy night?

Tell me the thing you DIDN’T get to do this summer that you wanted to do, and the most pathetic person wins! It’s a race to the bottom, folks!

Ready, set, GO!

All ticket proceeds from Unsigned 23 go to the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation,
which is involved in outreach, education, and prevention services for the over 20,000 professional artists who live in the Toronto area.

TO DO LIST: Tonight – S.S. Songs with DJ Andy Rourke of The Smiths

Songs, A Dance Party was supposed to have rocked its last dance floor back in August… but when The Smiths’ Andy Rourke decided to come aboard, it seemed like a good reason to bring it back for one final encore. Only this time, it’s not your regular land-lubber’s dance floor – no, this one is ON A BOAT. 

Captain Andy Rourke

(Artist’s Conception)

TONIGHT, you’ll find me getting nautical to the tunes of Stella Ella Ola,

Dwayne Gretzky‘s awesome covers,

and of course, whatever Mr. Rourke chooses while we cruise the shores of Toronto.

There are still tickets left for this voyage – you don’t even have to gamble for them, Leonardo DiCaprio-in-Titanic style! And also the boat is unsinkable! AND EVEN IF IT ISN’T, WE’RE LIKE RIGHT BESIDE TORONTO SO IT’S FINE AND IT’S STILL WARM OUT ANYWAY SO IT’LL TURN INTO A FUN SWIMMING PARTY! Come out and celebrate the end of summer!

Go find out all the details for tonight RIGHT HERE. Ahoy, matey!

It’s all brought to you by the wonderful Young Lions Music Club, purveyors of fine unconventional events.

(Oh, and although this has been completely overdone – I can’t let an opportunity like this just slip by. And, anyway, we all know that SOMEONE is going to drunkenly try to sing this tonight:)


Earlier this summer, Jeremy and Louis of Parlovr came by to get recess-y.


Fact: 75% of tennis balls end up on school roofs.

Seriously, remember how great wall ball was when you were a kid? Maybe you called it Red Ass… but whatever it was, it’s not nearly as easy as you might remember. But it is funnier, especially with these guys.

If you haven’t heard and/or seen it yet, here’s the video for their track “Holding On To Something” from their new album Kook Soul, which is out now and waiting for you to buy it and listen to it and love it. 

You can catch (See?! That’s a wallball pun!) Parlovr live at the Great Hall in Toronto on November 15th. So do it, or else you’ll lose really hard.