Win a Steam Whistle Unsigned 23 Prize Pack!

Well, you know what guys? Summer’s pretty much over. As the French say, quel bummér. But wait! There’s one more fun thing you can do before it’s over!

Steam Whistle Brewery is presenting Unsigned 23 – featuring Odonis Odonis, Indian Handcrafts and Young Mother – on September 21st! That’s the day before the Fall Equinox! Technically still summer!

Steam Whistle Unsigned 23

And even better news? I have a Steam Whistle prize pack to give away for it – and it includes (among other glorious things) free admission for Unsigned 23! All YOU need to do is convince me that your summer wasn’t quite good enough. How much do you NEED one more crazy night?

Tell me the thing you DIDN’T get to do this summer that you wanted to do, and the most pathetic person wins! It’s a race to the bottom, folks!

Ready, set, GO!

All ticket proceeds from Unsigned 23 go to the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation,
which is involved in outreach, education, and prevention services for the over 20,000 professional artists who live in the Toronto area.


4 thoughts on “Win a Steam Whistle Unsigned 23 Prize Pack!

  1. I’ve been sick now for 5 weeks with 3 different colds & flu’s. I’ve been on antibiotics 2x (which means no drinking). before that, I waited in line for 4 hours to get front row at the radiohead concert (before the stage collapsed). I need another summer…but i’d settle for 1 more crazy summer night.

  2. I didn’t do jack shit this summer. I waited around for my boyfriend to be a man and all I got was cheated on and left sittin at home twiddling my thumbs. I didn’t get to any cottages or anything. FMYLIFE summer 2012 sucked ass

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