My First Pick For Whisky Rocks (or, “O, Hey Brother, Where Art Thou”)

Hey Brother

Hey Brother

(This entry is part of an on-going guest blogging series I am doing for Aux.TV and LCBO’s Whisky Rocks)

Back in an earlier entry, I mentioned that catchiness is one of the most important things that makes me perk up when hear a new song for the first time. I love it when a song hooks me in from the get go – or at the very least, by the first chorus. Whatever, man, I’m kind of easy that way- get my attention early on, and I’m much more likely to climb aboard. Even better? Have me singing your tune to myself after it’s over.

That’s exactly what happened when I played Hey Brother’s track “Chameleon” for the first time. Not only is the video adorably DIY and full of fun dancing, I think I actually know all the words after listening to it six times. And that’s not a jab at their lyrics – that’s a compliment to their hookiness.  “Chameleon” is one of those songs that you wish was longer, so you press play again as soon as it’s over.

This band sounds like they’re having fun, and from the video, they look like they’re having fun, too. These guys are performers, not just musicians. The kind of band that really proves how great they are when they’re in front of a crowd. And they’re the kind of band that wakes a crowd up and gets them moving, perfect for opening a show.

Wouldn’t it be great to see them play before the Trews? Go vote now! 


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