Honheehonhee - Shouts

Back when it was still warm out, Montreal’s Honheehonhee* came by for a visit. We hung out at my apartment for a bit and had a couple Steam Whistles… but we didn’t know what we should do for our video. We decided to go to the dollar store for a deck of cards for magic tricks… but the dollar store proved to be just the inspiration we needed. BEHOLD!

Here’s the video for their single “We Only Go” from their album Shouts – and it will make you feel much better about winter, especially if you like underwear.

We’ve got a copy of Shouts to give away to a lucky commenter! Just tell us about something you’ve bought at a dollar store, and the best answer wins!

*Honheehonhee is pronounced almost like Honey Honey, not like Hawn Hee Hawn Hee… which is what I thought at first… turns out I shouldn’t be your first draft pick if you’re starting a Mad Gab team. 


7 thoughts on “RAIN’S WORLD #14 – HONHEEHONHEE

  1. This isnt about something that I bought, but once I went with my grandma when I was little. I had wondered around a bit but had eventually found someone who I thought was my grandma, so I started putting things in her basket and I guess she didnt notice untill checkout, by then I had found my real grandma and saw her pulling out all these items wondering where they had come from!

  2. I’ve actually bought those jesus candles before that I gave to my muslim friend on the first day of Hanukkah, being politically correct is one of my strong suits.

    • Whoa, I just realized that we NEVER gave away this prize! DUH.
      So, Stephanie, because of your complete lack of political correctness (and your patience… since this is basically 2 months late), you win this time!
      Email Raina.Douris@gmail.com with your home address and I will mail out that CD… and the dollar from Honheehonhee themselves! Congratulations!

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