Hollerado Moving Company

Hollerado: certified muscle-ymen

Moving sucks. Packing, moving boxes around, cleaning… all that stuff is the worst.

UNLESS you can trick a band into doing it for you. Which I did. 

Well, if the music thing doesn’t work out, at least they’ve got a future in the NBA.

Fortunately, that music thing is going just fine. 

Their new album, White Paint is out today! You can grab it (and you really, really should) RIGHT HERE!

To taste it before you buy it, here’s their first single from the record, “Pick Me Up”… accompanied by a video that you should only watch in the company of a close and trusted friend, in a space that won’t freak you out and give you a bad trip.

Hollerado heads out on tour this March with Billy Talent, Sum 41 and Indian Handcrafts. For more, check out hollerado.com.


Hey, 2013, Let’s PARTY!

It’s been nearly a year since Rain’s World got off the ground with a visit from Tokyo Police Club. When they came in for that episode, I’ll admit that I really didn’t know what we were going to do. Or how we were going to do it. All I had was a case of beer, a bunch of bread and cheese being cooked up by my sister Anne, and my friend Andrew holding a camera.

Fortunately, Dave, Graham and Greg of Tokyo made things easy and fun, and although the final video was a whopping 7-something minutes long, the first episode of Rain’s World was REAL! It was happening! It existed, and it was actually FUNNY.

I’d been so nervous to start a blog. Especially one focused on music. Because, let’s be honest: the internet probably doesn’t need a new music blog. But I felt like we had something new and different and special. And, I think we still do.

In 2012 we welcomed guests like the Darcys, Pack A.D., Brendan Canning, Parlovr, The Elwins, and so many more. 

2013’s first episode will be a band that’s VERY familiar to readers of this blog. Here’s a hint: their name starts with an “H” and they like horses. And balloons. And ostriches. Watch for that video, coming soon.

We have so many more bands to look forward to, too. Lots of your favourites. We’ve worked out some kinks and we’re going to try to speed up production and make sure episodes come out more consistently.

As always, if you are IN a band, or you represent one, or you know one, or you’re just a fan of one and would love to see them on the show, please contact me. 

And, as some final exciting news for the coming year, I will be hosting weekends on CBC Radio 3 indefinitely. I’d love if you’d come by and take a listen, we’re going to have the best time.

So, thank you, to the bands who have visited, to my wonderful and always flexible camera crew, my fantastic, hard-working, and endlessly accommodating editor, to all of my friends who have helped out, and of course, to Steam Whistle Brewing, who make so much of this possible!

But most importantly: THANK YOU. Thank you for visiting this site, for watching the videos, for following along, for being a part of Rain’s World, and supporting this project, for supporting me, and for supporting music in 2012.

Now, 2013… LET’S PARTY!

Love, Raina


Spoiler Alert: The Piñata Dies

You like piñatas. You like burgers. You like fun party rockers Brews Willis.

You will like this episode of Rain’s World.

Now, to get that dry burger taste out of your mouth- and to make you nostalgic for the island and summertime and beach parties- here is the Brews Willis track “Ride the Island Baby” from their album Nerped By A Zircon. (Toronto residents, keep your eyes open for some familiar summertime sights!)

For more, surf over to brewswillis.com


Honheehonhee - Shouts

Back when it was still warm out, Montreal’s Honheehonhee* came by for a visit. We hung out at my apartment for a bit and had a couple Steam Whistles… but we didn’t know what we should do for our video. We decided to go to the dollar store for a deck of cards for magic tricks… but the dollar store proved to be just the inspiration we needed. BEHOLD!

Here’s the video for their single “We Only Go” from their album Shouts – and it will make you feel much better about winter, especially if you like underwear.

We’ve got a copy of Shouts to give away to a lucky commenter! Just tell us about something you’ve bought at a dollar store, and the best answer wins!

*Honheehonhee is pronounced almost like Honey Honey, not like Hawn Hee Hawn Hee… which is what I thought at first… turns out I shouldn’t be your first draft pick if you’re starting a Mad Gab team. 

Getting Snippy with Whisky Rocks

The Snips


(This entry is part of an ongoing guest blog series I am writing for Aux and LCBO’s Whisky Rocks.)

For my second stand-out entry in LCBO’s Whisky Rocks contest, we’re going to slow things down a bit. So, get that special tattooed, lip-ringed someone, hold them close, and get ready for sway-inducing “O’Brother” by The Snips.

The Snips are first-and-foremost a punk band, which you can definitely hear in frontman Ricky Pridmore’s voice, but this song is a slow build, featuring a melancholy trumpet riff, and lyrics about lost love. Around the 3 minute mark, things start to speed up and intensify, culminating in a storm of instrumentation topped off with Pridmore’s punk scream to remind you that this isn’t just some “emo” tune.

The Snips have been around in various incarnations for about 10 years, which is more than enough time to perfect their live show. Expect sweaty dudes. A lot of arms pumping the air during the important parts. And moshing.

And this song, “O’Brother,” isn’t the only song from their new album to have get a video – they actually got 10 different directors to shoot a video for each of their 10 new songs. So, not only are they getting their music out there in a creative way, they’re giving people in other creative fields a chance to express themselves, too.

So, maybe we should give The Snips a chance to express themselves and vote for them to open for The Trews! Isn’t a punk show just what we need? MOSHPIT!

My First Pick For Whisky Rocks (or, “O, Hey Brother, Where Art Thou”)

Hey Brother

Hey Brother

(This entry is part of an on-going guest blogging series I am doing for Aux.TV and LCBO’s Whisky Rocks)

Back in an earlier entry, I mentioned that catchiness is one of the most important things that makes me perk up when hear a new song for the first time. I love it when a song hooks me in from the get go – or at the very least, by the first chorus. Whatever, man, I’m kind of easy that way- get my attention early on, and I’m much more likely to climb aboard. Even better? Have me singing your tune to myself after it’s over.

That’s exactly what happened when I played Hey Brother’s track “Chameleon” for the first time. Not only is the video adorably DIY and full of fun dancing, I think I actually know all the words after listening to it six times. And that’s not a jab at their lyrics – that’s a compliment to their hookiness.  “Chameleon” is one of those songs that you wish was longer, so you press play again as soon as it’s over.

This band sounds like they’re having fun, and from the video, they look like they’re having fun, too. These guys are performers, not just musicians. The kind of band that really proves how great they are when they’re in front of a crowd. And they’re the kind of band that wakes a crowd up and gets them moving, perfect for opening a show.

Wouldn’t it be great to see them play before the Trews? Go vote now!