The Pack A.D. and Raina

The Pack A.D.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like ham, this might not be your kind of awesome-video-with-totally-rad-women-from-a-great-band.

Maya and Becky of The Pack A.D. come by to play a game of Rad Libs. Yes, Rad Libs. (Not affiliated with Mad Libs.)

Even better than their love of ham? Their music:

Oh, so good.

Catch them live at Edgefest on July 14th at Downsview Park! And check them out at thepackad.com.



Brendan Canning (of Broken Social Scene, Cookie Duster and Generally-Being-An-All-Around-Awesome-Dude fame) dropped by the apartment right before NXNE 2012 to talk about the NXNE Record Fair, who he’s going to see at the festival, and how you’re probably saying NXNE all wrong.

Oh, and we make a very practical record-related craft together.

You can catch Brendan’s DJ set at the NXNE Record Fair, which is happening Saturday, June 16th from 10am – 4pm. For all the info you need about NXNE go to NXNE.com.

Also, make sure you check out Brendan’s new project, Cookie Duster. They’ve released this video for their song “Two Feet Stand Up,” and it’s perfect if you’re looking for a poppy, fun song to dance to this summer.

Stay tuned to Rain’s World this week for more NXNE coverage! I’ll be telling you what I think you’ve gotta see and hear during this year’s festival.


Papermaps on Rain's World

The highly lovely Dean Marino and Wendy Leung of Papermaps joined me in my kitchen for a little vegan cookery recently! It’s the second time grilled cheese sandwiches have made an appearance on Rain’s World (the first time was with Tokyo Police Club) – but it’s the FIRST time they haven’t actually involved ANY REAL CHEESE!

Caution: this video might change the way you view vegan food forever. Also caution: Dean and Wendy are really really nice people.

By the way: The Olympic Sized Triple-Double Decker Avocado Caramelized Vegan Grilled Cheese Speciale is TRADEMARKED. Don’t even try to steal that catchy title.

Papermaps, by the way, will be playing NEXT WEEK at the El Mocambo! May 25th, to be exact, at 10:45pm. Doors open at 9, and they’ll be joined by Mercy Now, Goodnight Sunrise and Rulers of the Moon.

They’re also going to be rocking NXNE, of course! Catch ’em June 14th at Two Way Monologues’ Showcase at Rancho Relaxo! Their set it at 11pm sharp and you can pick up your tasty NXNE wristbands right HERE.

Wait! One more thing before we go!

The beautiful and avocado-slicingly skilled Wendy has JUST released a new album by her side project, Wendy Vs. called Crayone Wars. Dean’s part of it as well, and you can buy the whole album on the Wendy Vs. bandcamp… right HERE!

Here’s what it sounds like. I think you’re going to like it a whole heap of a lot. I do!

Look out for Papermaps’ new album, they’re hard at work on it, and it’s gonna be rad.

Keep up to date with ALL things Papermaps at their website: PAPERMAPS.NET


Rebecca and Nathalia of Chains of Love graduated from charm school with top honours.

The lovely, well-mannered ladies of Chains of Love stopped by the apartment during Canadian Music Week to play a very civilized game of “Marry, Fuck, Kill” – which, for the uninitiated, is basically what it sounds like: you get three options (in this case, dudes), and you decided which one you would marry… which one you would have sexual relations with… and which one you would dispatch from this mortal coil. Also included: a hot girl burping on command.

Be warned: this is NSFW because of highly salty language. (Honestly, the word “Fuck” is in the name of the game… so if you don’t like it… don’t watch. Or turn down the volume and imagine that it’s the Care Bears theme playing over top instead.)

If you’re a fan of fuzzy, sexy, beachy, babe-y rock, you can download and stream Chains of Love’s album Strange Grey Days HERE, as well as check out their 7″ releases.

Follow them on Twitter at @ChainsofLuv, and find their Tumblr (the RIGHT one), HERE.

And as always, you can follow me at @RahRahRaina and LIKE me on Facebook!


Remember POGS? Of course you do. Do you still play them? Probably not.

Well, Topanga does- and they even made their own! They brought some by the apartment and re-taught me how to play. (Hint: It’s harder than I thought.)

You can catch Topanga play live on May 11th at the Horseshoe Tavern. They’ll be hitting the stage with WildlifePkew Pkew Pkew and Reversing FallsClick HERE for details!

In the meantime, here’s a little more Topanga to tide you over. If MY video didn’t convince you that they’re awesome, this one will:

San Fran-SUCKS-o!

The last time we caught up with Hollerado, we were in Reno, heading to San Francisco for the Noise Pop festival — the reason for the whole trip down south. 

We left Reno after hanging around playing penny slots in the morning so someone would give us free bloody marys. (IT WORKED!) Then, we hit the road to California.

First stop in California: IN N OUT BURGER! I’d never been, so it was a pretty exciting occasion. We were in heaven. A heaven filled with burgers.

The Happiest Boys In The World

cheeseburger and animal-style fries

And in the In N Out parking lot, I saw my first palm tree of the trip!

We continued on to San Francisco. The drive in was stunning. The sun was setting as we drove across the bridge, and I tried to take a million pictures that didn’t do it justice at all… but here are a couple.

Just look at that traffic! It takes us a while to get into the city… we’re a little late, but we’re almost at the venue… and THEN… 

It sucked. But we make it to the venue just in time. The boys play a great show. We survive San Francisco without any earthquakes.

To celebrate, we head to L.A., and then to my favourite place: Palm Springs! Stay tuned for the next entry, when you’ll see more of Hollerado than you ever could have dreamed… or possibly, wanted.


Brent from The Junction came by the apartment to bake cookies.

Turns out, cookies are more challenging than we expected.

Special thanks to my mom for the assistance.

Now, take your freshly baked cookies and check out The Junction’s new track, “Awakenings” from their new album Grievances.