I’m on CBC RADIO 3!

Today, I am achieving one of my dreams and hosting a show on CBC Radio 3 from noon until 4pm. You can listen in HERE. That’s right, I’m BACK ON THE AIR! And it feels so good!

I’ll be on tomorrow, too, guest hosting for Grant Lawrence. Same place, same time slot. Go check it out! 


Vintage Zeus Juice

I found this old video from back in 2008, when we all went to a festival in Orillia called Suncrash. Neil played us some songs in the woods- a few of which went on to become Zeus songs.


For comparison, here is the Zeus version of Marching Through Your Head:

If you followed a link from Pink Mafia, where I’m writing my guest blog for their Bloghunter feature – thanks! And if you got here another way – you should check out my Bloghunter entries over at Pink Mafia HERE.

I’ve Been Missing!

Dear readers/viewers/friends/lovers – 

I apologize for my recent absence. My computer is having some issues and I haven’t been able to edit or spend much time on my blog in the last week or so. I’m typing this on a friend’s computer, but I wanted to let you know that I haven’t disappeared and I still care about you. 

NXNE is coming up and I’m busy getting ready for that! We’ve got a few interviews in the works! It should be fun. 

Who are you looking forward to seeing? 

Guess Who’s Moving In!

I’d like to extend an official welcome to my new roommate. First name Steam, last name Whistle. They just arrived this morning… through what may be one of the most innovative, life-changing inventions of all time: HOME BEER DELIVERY.

This changes everything.


I think we're gonna get along juuuuust fine.

Speaking of home delivery, The Darcys are coming in to shoot a new episode later today. Click on their name to go to their website and download their new album for FREE. It’s so good. Especially for a rainy day like this.

Or when you’re about to be annihilated by aliens.