Getting Snippy with Whisky Rocks

The Snips


(This entry is part of an ongoing guest blog series I am writing for Aux and LCBO’s Whisky Rocks.)

For my second stand-out entry in LCBO’s Whisky Rocks contest, we’re going to slow things down a bit. So, get that special tattooed, lip-ringed someone, hold them close, and get ready for sway-inducing “O’Brother” by The Snips.

The Snips are first-and-foremost a punk band, which you can definitely hear in frontman Ricky Pridmore’s voice, but this song is a slow build, featuring a melancholy trumpet riff, and lyrics about lost love. Around the 3 minute mark, things start to speed up and intensify, culminating in a storm of instrumentation topped off with Pridmore’s punk scream to remind you that this isn’t just some “emo” tune.

The Snips have been around in various incarnations for about 10 years, which is more than enough time to perfect their live show. Expect sweaty dudes. A lot of arms pumping the air during the important parts. And moshing.

And this song, “O’Brother,” isn’t the only song from their new album to have get a video – they actually got 10 different directors to shoot a video for each of their 10 new songs. So, not only are they getting their music out there in a creative way, they’re giving people in other creative fields a chance to express themselves, too.

So, maybe we should give The Snips a chance to express themselves and vote for them to open for The Trews! Isn’t a punk show just what we need? MOSHPIT!