Hey, 2013, Let’s PARTY!

It’s been nearly a year since Rain’s World got off the ground with a visit from Tokyo Police Club. When they came in for that episode, I’ll admit that I really didn’t know what we were going to do. Or how we were going to do it. All I had was a case of beer, a bunch of bread and cheese being cooked up by my sister Anne, and my friend Andrew holding a camera.

Fortunately, Dave, Graham and Greg of Tokyo made things easy and fun, and although the final video was a whopping 7-something minutes long, the first episode of Rain’s World was REAL! It was happening! It existed, and it was actually FUNNY.

I’d been so nervous to start a blog. Especially one focused on music. Because, let’s be honest: the internet probably doesn’t need a new music blog. But I felt like we had something new and different and special. And, I think we still do.

In 2012 we welcomed guests like the Darcys, Pack A.D., Brendan Canning, Parlovr, The Elwins, and so many more. 

2013’s first episode will be a band that’s VERY familiar to readers of this blog. Here’s a hint: their name starts with an “H” and they like horses. And balloons. And ostriches. Watch for that video, coming soon.

We have so many more bands to look forward to, too. Lots of your favourites. We’ve worked out some kinks and we’re going to try to speed up production and make sure episodes come out more consistently.

As always, if you are IN a band, or you represent one, or you know one, or you’re just a fan of one and would love to see them on the show, please contact me. 

And, as some final exciting news for the coming year, I will be hosting weekends on CBC Radio 3 indefinitely. I’d love if you’d come by and take a listen, we’re going to have the best time.

So, thank you, to the bands who have visited, to my wonderful and always flexible camera crew, my fantastic, hard-working, and endlessly accommodating editor, to all of my friends who have helped out, and of course, to Steam Whistle Brewing, who make so much of this possible!

But most importantly: THANK YOU. Thank you for visiting this site, for watching the videos, for following along, for being a part of Rain’s World, and supporting this project, for supporting me, and for supporting music in 2012.

Now, 2013… LET’S PARTY!

Love, Raina



Spoiler Alert: The Piñata Dies

You like piñatas. You like burgers. You like fun party rockers Brews Willis.

You will like this episode of Rain’s World.

Now, to get that dry burger taste out of your mouth- and to make you nostalgic for the island and summertime and beach parties- here is the Brews Willis track “Ride the Island Baby” from their album Nerped By A Zircon. (Toronto residents, keep your eyes open for some familiar summertime sights!)

For more, surf over to brewswillis.com


Earlier this summer, Jeremy and Louis of Parlovr came by to get recess-y.


Fact: 75% of tennis balls end up on school roofs.

Seriously, remember how great wall ball was when you were a kid? Maybe you called it Red Ass… but whatever it was, it’s not nearly as easy as you might remember. But it is funnier, especially with these guys.

If you haven’t heard and/or seen it yet, here’s the video for their track “Holding On To Something” from their new album Kook Soul, which is out now and waiting for you to buy it and listen to it and love it. 

You can catch (See?! That’s a wallball pun!) Parlovr live at the Great Hall in Toronto on November 15th. So do it, or else you’ll lose really hard.


Finally, My Deepest Secrets: REVEALED!

The rad folks over at Pink Mafia sent me 20 questions to answer – and, like the question-answering person that I am- I answered them!

So, if you’ve ever wondered what my biggest regret is, the best live shows I’ve ever seen are, or whether I like blondes or brunettes – today is your lucky day! Go forth and read!

HERE: http://pinkmafia.ca/blog/2012/05/23/20-questions-with-raina-douris-of-rains-world/

Drown The Town Of Reno

As soon as you cross the border from Utah into Nevada, there are casinos. We didn’t stop at them, though, because we had BIGGER ASPIRATIONS! No, no… not Vegas.


See, it even says it right on the sign!

Hollerado played a show at a place called the Biggest Little City Club. The folks there were super rad, and let me shoot lots of confetti at their patrons.

Oh, and of course, they played this:

When that was done, it was time to do exactly what you’re supposed to do when you’re in Reno- GAMBLE AWAY YOUR FORTUNE! We stayed at the beautiful El Dorado Hotel and Casino, where they have, among other things, valet service. While we waited for Nick to go find the valet, Jake, Dean and I made up a new game:

But we couldn’t spend all night playing “Combine All The Movies Denzel Washington Has Ever Starred In.” Especially not when there was blackjack, slot machines and roulette nearby. Not to mention, priceless art!

This really speaks to me.

Watch out for that floor!

Turned out Menno was the lucky one. After losing a bunch of money at the roulette table and subsequently going to bed, he told us that he got up again in the middle of the night, went back down and won it all back while we slumbered.

I was not as lucky.

These kitties did not share their glitter with me

But I did finally achieve my dream of playing blackjack in an actual casino. Something I’ve wanted to do since I was eight years old playing Leisure Suit Larry on my grandma’s computer. What’s that? You never played Leisure Suit Larry? Well. Here you go:

Totally appropriate for eight year olds, and grandmas. 

Oh, and a guy at the blackjack table yelled at Menno, Dean and I for not being good at blackjack and ruining his game. That was pretty neat, too.

We leave Reno slightly richer and hit the road for the whole reason for this trip: California! Palm trees and paradise, coming soon…

Altitude + Alcohol = Altihol… or Alcotude?

Denver, Colorado, is a mile above sea-level. That’s important to the story. Also, Hollerado rhymes with Colorado. That’s good, too.

ANYWHOO, Hollerado played at a sweet venue there called the Hi-Dive. It was dark, but I tried my best to get a picture.

Either way, by the time Hollerado and I arrived at our hotel in Denver after their show, most of us (minus Menno, who was driving) were feeling the effects of either altitude, alcohol, or both. See below for video evidence.

But, not even an altiholitude hangover could stop us from visiting the world’s largest liquor store the next day (seriously, it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records), it’s called Daveco Liquors and it’s basically a Wal-Mart for booze.

Dean explores the various spirits

I bought THIS:

Yes, that’s right. Whipahol. Which brings us to a new word, “Whipaholitude.” Try using it in a sentence.

Next, off to Salt Lake City… but lo! Danger awaits!

To be continued…

Rain’s World #4 – Teenage Kicks

Teenage Kicks drop by for the 4th episode of Rain’s World… and they brought their own board game! It’s called “Shitty Future,” and it’s about being in a band. Pessimistic? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. Will you end up being a famous rock star, or dying at your job at the box factory? Only time will tell.

For more from Teenage Kicks – check out their site: http://teenagekicksteenagekicks.com