Rain’s World is Going On Tour with Hollerado!

This Thursday, I’m heading out on an adventure! I’m going on tour with Hollerado- we’re going to be driving across the U.S.A. to San Francisco and L.A., stopping in a bunch of cities along the way. I’ll be helping them out, selling merch, shooting confetti cannons and shooting video for this blog.

imagine spending 3 weeks in a van with these dudes

Now, I’ve never been “on tour” before, and I’m gonna be gone for a few weeks- so here’s what I’m asking you for:

1) MUST-HAVE things to pack for the road. Ever been on a long road trip? Is there something you think I won’t be able to live without?

2) SONGS for the road! We’re gonna make mix CDs! What should go on them? Your favourite road trip tunes.

3) Any other advice for life on the road… with four dudes.

Leave your ideas in the comments!

Oh, and by the way, if you need a refresher- this is their Juno-nominated video for their song “Good Day At the Races.” Ostrich racing, anyone?